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Plasmatech Solutions is a life science start-up with a mandate to develop indigenous technologies suitable for India for the recovery of life saving therapeutic proteins from human blood plasma. Plasmatech Solutions is currently working on developing and validating a rapid, efficient, high-throughput method for the efficient recovery of valuable proteins from human plasma for the treatment of several disorders, and are building our other capabilities.

Blood plasma is a highly complex source of plasma protein products for patients suffering from antibody deficiencies and haemophiliacs. Besides its use for injections or transfusion, the many biomarkers that blood plasma contains play a role in clinical diagnosis of diseases. Blood plasma proteins are a rapidly growing segment of the billion-dollar global Biotech/ Biopharma Industry that is gaining importance in developing economies of south Asian nations. India has a severe shortage of life-saving plasma proteins, and most of the plasma proteins in the market are either imported or fractionated outside the country. Plasma protein market, which is estimated to be about $50 million and growing at about 14% per annum, caters to about 25% of the requirement of the market. 70% of the products are imported while the balance are met by local fractionators from imported plasma paste (for albumin recovery) and about 50,000 to 60,000 litres of recovered plasma is sourced from blood banks.

Currently, total blood donations of about 9 million units are made against the requirement of about 1.2 million with the blood donations growing by about 5% per annum. Thus, current potential is for harvesting 2 million litres of Plasma (FFP) for fractionation. Fractionated plasma components enjoy higher shelf life vis-à- vis whole plasma, eliminates the risk of transfusion transmitted infections due to viral inactivation and it is an appropriate substitute to imports of life saving medicines.

Plasmatech Solutions was founded with a vision of bringing in affordable plasma-derived products to India. Its objectives are:

  • To evolve modular Plasma Fractionation technology utilizing local Plasma to produce Plasma products.
  • To improve access of Plasma products to the population by reducing costs and improving supplies
  • To improve survival in haemophiliacs and critically ill cancer patients by supplying life-saving Plasma products.

Plasmatech Solutions intends to evolve modular Plasma Fractionation technology utilizing local plasma to produce plasma proteins such as albumin, IgG, Factor 8, and Factor 9.

Currently, Plasmatech Solutions is developing micro production facility/ capability, using novel pseudo-bioaffinity based purification of coagulation factor VIII from recovered FFP/ cryoprecipitate sourced from Blood Banks.

In the next Phase, Plasmatech Solutions aims to evolve a modular and integrated technology platform for fractionation of recovered FFP, optimum recovery of products targeted (marketable formulations.) and optimise methodology for design engineering, process flow including plasma procurement, and quality validation,

Plasmatech Solutions is housed in the Technology Business Incubator of VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

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