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Edutech’s mission is to provide learners in India an online educational platform for primary and secondary level students that enables affordable and universal access to quality education, and a personalised support system. It provides after school support such as personalized assignments and tests responsive to individual levels of understanding of a subject/ theme

The online platform known as FASSS (Faculty aided student support system) is accessible at Edutech’s initiative:

  1. Provide an online after school support system to every student
  2. Create livelihood options and teaching/ mentoring jobs
  3. Bridge the gap between urban and rural divide in education
  4. Increase use of technology to improve quality of education
  5. Facilitate E-governance in academics by bridging the gap between academics and administration

Edutech’s initiative supports students, teachers, parents, school management, coaching institutes, and colleges/ universities. It offers diagnostic tests to identify the micro-concept gaps of learning of the student and offer remedial measures, learning aids and guidance in overcoming the same.

The system provides analysis reports that alert teachers about concepts that most students in a class have difficulty in learning; and guides them teacher with hints and special learning resources. It provides access to a centralized knowledge bank containing more than 50,000 questions with solutions, a feed-back system, video lectures and other learning resources that facilitates setting of class-level and customised question papers to match proficiency level to be assessed.

Edutech's parental feed-back system provides performance reports on each student with chapter and topic-wise diagnostic reports. This helps parents in providing timely and effective guidance to their children.

Edutech's centralised monitoring system provides course progress, student- performance and teacher performance reports that enables the school administration make mid-course changes wherever necessary.

Edutech faces competition from online educational platforms who offer self-paced courses, alternate teaching aids with digital board content and freely available online teaching resources.

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