Profiles in Excellence - Nobel Laureates (1901-2016) is a compelling study of the 911 Laureates whose works and lives contributed to the progress of humanity in the past 150 years and a tribute to their pursuit of excellence.

With an Introduction by A P J Abdul Kalam, Profiles in Excellence - Nobel Laureates (1901-2016) showcases: brief biography and individual achievements of the 911 Nobel Prize winners in the last 116 years since the first Nobel Prize award.

Salient features between the pages of this book are:

  • Alfred Nobel and his legacy
  • The Nobel Phenomenon
  • Individual contributions and award winning work of all the Laureates from 1901 to 2016
  • Photographs of all the 911 Nobelists
  • Brief biography of the Nobel Laureates
  • A complete index of the Laureates for cross reference

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